An interesting array of fields among the heather as seen through the raindrops

We drive through a small town We are approaching the city of Inverness The River Ness in Inverness
After getting our rooms at the Inverness Ramada Hotel, we head out for a visit to the Clava Cairns. The Clava Cairns is the site of an exceptionally well preserved group - of prehistoric burial cairns that were built about 4000 years ago. The Cairns have been known to have magnetic power when crossing a line - going from one cairn to another.  We give it a test.  It worked for some of us.
A stone railroad bridge near the Clava Cairns Sunday morning, August 14 -- We drive through Inverness and then head for the Culloden Battlefield. The Battle of Culloden was the final confrontation of the 1745 Jacobite Rising. - Taking place in April, 1746, the Jacobite forces lead by Bonnie Prince Charley, fought - against an army commanded by William Augustus, loyal to the British government. - Meeting on Culloden Moor, the battle was both fast and bloody. Following an - unsuccessful charge, the Jacobites were routed and driven from the field.

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