This is our Boeing 777 arriving at the gate.

Crews immediately began cleaning and servicing the aircraft. At 9:05 the aircraft was ready for boarding.  Our flight finally left the gate at 9:35 pm. Saturday, August 6 -- We arrived at Heathrow at 3:30 pm, went through Customs and - Immigration with no problem and then caught the Piccadilly underground line into London. We're on the train. We had to change lines at the Hammersmith station.
We've reached our destination at Westminster station. As we leave the station, we find Big Ben right across the street! We walked across the Westminster Bridge over the Thames River to our hotel, - which you see in the distance.  It sure was crowded on the bridge! Here we are mid-span with a view of the London Eye on the south bank of the river. We arrive at our hotel, the Park Plaza, Westminster Bridge.
We wandered around the south bank of the Thames Saturday evening. - Here's a close up view of the huge London Eye ferris wheel. The water spray in this fountain changes frequently allowing people to run inside the walls of water. London's National Theatre Building The Giraffe is where we had dinner.  We were out on the patio until rain came and we had to move inside. Note the direction that this carousel is turning... clockwise.  It's the reverse from what we see in the U.S.

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