I could have climbed to the top of the arch using this line of hand-holes. - I decided not to because it might have irritated my bad toe joint. - I did not want to be hobbling around Moab for the next week instead of hiking! - So I turned around at the point you see me. Native American graffiti, probably predating the white man.  It's all over Utah. - They call them 'petroglyphs.' The Colorado River as seen from Dead Horse State Park.
The blue 'lakes' are actually evaporation ponds for the potash mine.
Larry was a bit too afraid of heights to join Chuck and me up here. Monday, October 4: -  - Today we took our first trip into Arches National Park.  We waited for the weekend to pass so that there would be less of a crowd.  We visited several of the well known sights in the park, like the Three Gossips, Balanced Rock, and Double Windows and Double Arch.  Chuck and I also made reservations for a guided hike through the Fiery Furnace on Thursday at 10 am.  Larry opted out because it seemed a bit too strenuous for his taste. -  - We went back to Moab for a late lunch and then headed back out to Arches for a hike to Delicate Arch, reputed to be best viewed at sunset, and probably the most famous of the arches.  It's the one on the Utah license plate.  When we drove into the parking lot, another car pulled in next to us, and when the guy got out of the car he said, 'You're Larry, right?'  'Yes,' Larry replied.  He said, 'I recognize you from your web site.  I'm an HDTV enthusiast who lives in Pleasanton.'  Small world! That was the first time anyone recognized Larry for his HDTV site instead of the Boots site!  He and Larry had a nice but brief visit and, of course, talked some about HDTV. -  - We headed out on the mile and half hike to the arch, and it was mostly across slickrock.  One really doesn't see the arch until you are almost there.  You turn a corner and there it is right in front of you!  We had one more picnic as we watched the sun set. -  - As soon as the sun set, we headed back to the parking lot, along with about a hundred others.  If you don't leave right away, it gets too dark to find your way very easily.  Even with a flashlight it would be difficult to pick out distant cairns that mark the trail. -  - When we got back to the lot we found a guy working on the headlights of his 1931 Model T Ford.  He kept blowing fuses and before he got the light problem fixed, he ran out of fuses.  He had no way to get back to town on his own with no headlights, so he followed us out of the park.  It looked weird to look out the back window and see the reflection of the car tail lights in his windshield, but nothing else.  We got him safely back to his campground north of town. The Three Gossips.

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