Monday, October 10
On the road, headed southeast through the Central Valley on Interstate 5.
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Now heading east through Bakersfield on California Route 58. We are approaching the Tehachapi Mountains. We encounter windmills as we climb into Tehachapi Pass.
The railroads are NOT dead in America, at least not in the mountain - states on transcontinental routes. We saw lots of trains on this trip. We spent the night in Barstow, California, where we met - our friend Larry Shochet who was on the way to Phoenix. - We had dinner together and then we bowled a couple of strings. - ------------- - Tuesday, October 11 - This photo was taken after we left Barstow, going - northeast on Interstate 15 approaching Baker, California. One last pass before arriving in Nevada. The Nevada state line, and the town of Primm, Nevada, coming into view.
The very first store in Primm was actually across the line in California. - Amid all the Nevada gambling excesses in the town, this store sold California lottery tickets. Besides casinos, clothing outlet stores were big business in Primm.

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