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July - Dahlias

Dahlias among the hygrangeas

August 7 - Annette Anazalone joined Bill and Larry for a visit to the San Francisco Exploratorium
Museum on Pier 15.   These pictures were taken at the back of the museum overlooking the bay.

September - A steller jay was taking a bath and getting a drink while Larry was watering the garden.

September 17 - Arturo Salazar (left) and Kit Brown's Wedding in San Andreas, California

Kit with John Staples

We got new receivers for our Dish TV service.  The main DVR is called
the Hopper, and the remote receiver is called the Joey.  We later
received this gift of Hopper and Joey from Dish.  Aren't they cute?

Larry found a new fruit pod on our split-leaf philodendron.  It will look like the one in the
second photo when it's ripe. This plant has produced several of these fruit pods over the years.

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