Larry and Dale at the Forks National Historic Site in downtown Winnipeg.
This is a 9 acre park at the Junction of the Red and Assiniboine Rivers.

Bill and Dale at the Forks.  The park has a river walk, theme pavilion, shops and restaurants and a skateboard plaza. Larry had to check out the bear found in one of the shops. A building in downtown Winnipeg offering a nice reflection. Ken and Dale
June 23: We continue our trip east, and not far from Winnipeg cross the Longitudinal Centre of Canada We enter the province of Ontario. This is the Trans-Canada Highway... under construction It looks more like a gravel country road. We ended up following a pilot car for several miles through the construction zone.
This is Nestor Falls in the town of Nestor Falls, Ontario. As we approached the border crossing at Fort Frances to International Falls, Minnesota, we started seeing - these signs indicating long waits. 1.5 hours to U.S. border?  We were less than two miles away from it. Those signs had to be for special events or another time.  We drove right up to the border with no delay at all. When we got to U.S. Customs there was only one car in front of us.

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