The museum explains the history of the RCMP and why it was formed

Next the museum shows the present day activities and duties of the organization. Looks like they've got a new recruit... and he's even wearing boots. Mid-day we enter the province of Manitoba We arrive at our destination in Winnipeg, Manitoba, and are greeted by Dale Frederickson at his front gate. We'll be camping in Ken's and Dale's camper for the next two nights.
June 22: This is the Canadian Mint in Winnipeg where they not only - make Canada's coins but also the coins of up to 80 other countries. We go for the tour of the Mint, something you can't do at a U.S. mint.  - The tour proved to be very interesting, but no cameras were allowed inside. Larry and Dale at the Forks National Historic Site in downtown Winnipeg. - This is a 9 acre park at the Junction of the Red and Assiniboine Rivers. Bill and Dale at the Forks.  The park has a river walk, theme pavilion, shops and restaurants and a skateboard plaza.
Larry had to check out the bear found in one of the shops. A building in downtown Winnipeg offering a nice reflection. Ken and Dale June 23: We continue our trip east, and not far from Winnipeg cross the Longitudinal Centre of Canada We enter the province of Ontario.

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