Driving north on U.S. 97 we get a great view of Mount McLoughlin, 9495 feet high
covered in snow, and Pelican Butte, 8036 feet, across Upper Klamath Lake

June 17: We spent our first night in Room 1 of this motel, the Woodsman Country Lodge in Crescent, Oregon This shows some of the rugged country we passed through in eastern Oregon We come over a hill and find a nice green valley awaiting us near - Culver, Oregon. It's part of the Crooked River National Grassland. This is a closer view of the valley showing the patchwork of fields This vista point has markers showing the names of the mountains we could see on - the horizon. Included were Mt. Hood, the highest point in Oregon at 11,239 feet.
We're looking out from a high plateau. The U.S. 97 bridge over the Columbia River near Biggs, Oregon.  That's the state of Washington on the other side. We're now on the Washington side looking back toward Oregon with a view of the bridge we crossed over the Columbia River We're at the replica of Stonehenge built to honor the veterans of World War I
One difference between this replica and the actual Stonehenge in England is that none of the pieces are missing here.

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