Tree Removal and Replanting 2008

In this photo, taken on April 18, 2007, you can see that
the pepper tree on the left had started to lose its luster.

By late summer it had completely died. Look closely at the bottom of
the trunk and you'll see mushrooms growing... a sign of a dead tree.

Here's a close up of the mushrooms

After a long delay in getting a permit to remove the tree from the city,
the Davey Tree Company arrived on April 23, 2008, to remove it.

They moved their truck and equipment into place next to the tree

One of the men then climbed up into the tree
with a chain saw and started cutting branches.

The other man fed the cut limbs into the machine that chewed
them up into tiny pieces and sawdust and shot it all into the truck.

Our tree quickly disappeared

Then they started to cut down the remaining trunk

The trunk is cut into pieces

Next they brought in the stump grinder

The grinder chewed up the stump and turned it into tiny wood chips and sawdust

The job is finished. Our tree is gone. Here you see Bill talking with one of the men.

A new Strawberry Tree was planted on May 3.
Take a look at the pictures of our new tree.

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