Lands End overlooking the Golden Gate - with the Golden Gate Bride in the distance Alamo Square with the famous view - seen on calendars and post cards September 25 - Rich Krechel preparing for the 3rd annual Bootmen's Dinner. - He made everything from scratch, including the pies! The tables are set for 19 guests Everthing is ready! - The guests start to arrive.
Graham, Martin, Mark and Steve l to r: Ernie (by door), Ric, Martin, - Mark, Steve, Bill and Rich clockwise, starting front center - Mel, Phil, Norman (hidden), Iain, Steve - across the table:  Ken, Bruce, Jonathan, Ernie, Ric Clockwise: Ken, Bruce, Jonathan, Ernie, Ric - and across the table Phil, Norm, Iain and Steve
Clockwise around the table: Jonathan, Ernie, - Ric, Steve, Rich (back by the windows), - Chris, Graham, Jim, Mel, Phil, Norman

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