The climb continues inside this steel cage up the center of the tower

Our first views to the outside Looking across to the other tower where you can see the scaffolding for the repair work Looking down to the first landing from inside the steel tower We've reached the top and this is the view you see looking up This is the view you see looking out through the open spaces of the tower
The view of the railroad bridge across the Rhine that you saw earlier but from 332 feet higher The top of the other tower One of the smaller towers and the railroad bridge The cathedral bells.  I just hoped they didn't start to ring. The largest church bell in existence.
Back on the street with the two cathedral towers behind Bill Cologne shopping plaza Another view of the shopping plaza The Stollwerk chocolate factory and museum.  The samples were delicious! Wednesday, August 11: -  - Steffen took today off so that he could join us for a visit to the German Museum in Bonn. It was an excellent museum, but one thing surprised us. According to them, German history starts in 1945. Bill, who was born in 1946 while I was born in 1944, teased me that I was older than Germany. We spent about three hours at the museum, then toured around Bonn, had dinner at an outdoor cafe and then headed back to Aachen.

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