The cathedral bells. I just hoped they didn't start to ring.

The largest church bell in existence. Back on the street with the two cathedral towers behind Bill Cologne shopping plaza Another view of the shopping plaza The Stollwerk chocolate factory and museum.  The samples were delicious!
Wednesday, August 11: -  - Steffen took today off so that he could join us for a visit to the German Museum in Bonn. It was an excellent museum, but one thing surprised us. According to them, German history starts in 1945. Bill, who was born in 1946 while I was born in 1944, teased me that I was older than Germany. We spent about three hours at the museum, then toured around Bonn, had dinner at an outdoor cafe and then headed back to Aachen. Steffen is trying to figure out how much to put into the parking meter Bill and Steffen along the Rhine River in Bonn Bonn shopping district with the cathedral in the distance Larry and Steffen in front of the Rathaus in the central square
Part of the old city wall Bill found a rare object in Germany... a water fountain The birthplace of Ludwig van Beethoven in 1770, now a museum Thursday, August 12: -  - Today we left Aachen and began our drive toward Berlin. We took the autobahn from Aachen through Cologne and on to the east. Our first stop was the hanging train in Wuppertal. We missed a turn or something after we exited the autobahn, and got lost for about a half hour, but we finally found the train. We were in a different location than we had originally planned on, but it worked out okay. We had lunch at a local cafe and then went for a ride. We couldn't figure out how to work the ticket machine, so Bill asked a bus driver at the train station for directions. His bus was part of the same system so he just issued us two tickets. -  - We had a nice ride on the train. It follows a river through several villages and into Wuppertal and is used by lots of people as their regular transportation. It's a rare type of train though, so lots of visitors ride it too. We got lots of good photos. -  - We headed east on highway 7, but it was just town after town and lots of traffic, and lots of work for us trying to keep on the right road. We really couldn't enjoy the ride. In Germany there are lots of turns when a highway goes through a town, so you have to watch at every corner or you might miss one. Finally, after a couple of hours of the congestion, we got out into more open country. It was a lot more relaxing then. -  - We stopped for dinner and then drove for another hour or so until we found a nice hotel in Gottingen. We relaxed and watched CNN and MTV... the only channels that were in English. Wuppertal’s suspension rail system

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