A close up view of the window

Another window And another one. Even on a cloudy day the colors are brilliant Information about the cathedral tower we are about to climb Part way up the tower.  Bill said there must be a special place in - Hell for those who put graffiti on an 800 year old cathedral. More of the graffiti; definitely not appropriate!
The first landing, about three quarters of the way up the tower. I found Bill watching the crowd as he waited for me to arrive The climb continues inside this steel cage up the center of the tower Our first views to the outside Looking across to the other tower where you can see the scaffolding for the repair work
Looking down to the first landing from inside the steel tower We've reached the top and this is the view you see looking up This is the view you see looking out through the open spaces of the tower The view of the railroad bridge across the Rhine that you saw earlier but from 332 feet higher The top of the other tower

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