Larry and Bill


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Bill and Larry in the rhododendron garden.  We had to show Norman the beautiful colors. Norman looking for shells along the shore The first we see of our train is the end of it-the Park Car Here we get to meet the rest of the group going on the trip. - This is Eric on the left next to Iain Here's Norman with Larry
Bill, Ed, Tom and Andre The section on the left is the front half of our train which will connect to the section on the right. The entire group, minus Larry, who took the photo. Back l to r: Keith, Iain, Norman, Larry, Ed, - Tom, Bill and Gaylord. Front: Eric, Tom, Andre and John.  (Yes, we have two Larrys and two Toms.) Tom took this photo, so we now have Larry at the right end of the back row. We're in the domed Park Car and we're ready to roll.
May 22, 5:32 pm, The Canadian, VIA Rail train number 2 - for Toronto, pulls out of the station in Vancouver We pass the West Coast Express commuter rail train We have a good view of the entire train from the Park Car at the end. Iain joins us in the Park Car This is our room for the trip-Room A, Car 222

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