We stopped at a cupcake shop for a snack. Lick your moustache, Bill!


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On Sunday, May 20, Norman Cuccio from San Francisco joins us. - We went to the University of British Columbia to visit their - famous Anthropology Museum.  They had a huge exhibit - of First Nations artifacts and totum poles.
Monday, May 21, the group for our train trip begins to form. - We meet for breakfast at The Elbo Room in Vancouver. - l to r: Iain, Bill, Andre, Larry, John, Norman, Gaylord Gaylord, Andre and Iain Iain takes us on a tour on Vancouver's Sky Train.  From the - train we see the site of the Worlds Fair, now Science World. We're at the Science World-Main Street Sky Train Station
We make a stop to go to VIA Rail to check on tickets and reservations Then we head back to Sky Train to continue our tour

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