We had eaten dinner in the reddish brown building with the peaked roof.

We had dinner at a pub with outdoor seating. - July 13, 2004 After dinner we hiked around a marsh. The gardens at Royal Roads University - July 14, 2004
This university building is a castle readied for the - King of England's use during World War II in case - things got a bit too dicey in London. This is near Victoria. California hippie finds California poppies. - Our state flower has invaded Canada! From the southern shore of Victoria, you can see the United States. - It is just 25 miles across the strait. Visible is the area - around Port Angeles, Washington. The Empress Hotel in downtown Victoria
Parliament House for British Columbia. - In the U.S., we'd call this building 'the state capitol'. Always gotta love bears! Victoria has a Chinatown

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