The view of the Apostles looking east

Note the hole in this one. - Is this a Holy Apostle? It started to rain, but then it quit before we got very wet A natural arch carved out by the sea Sandstone cliffs and a small cave Tuesday, December 3 - A view of downtown Melbourne from the train platform near our hotel
Collingwood City Hall as seen from the platform. - Collingwood is a suburb of Melbourne to the north and - our hotel was right next to the Melbourne/Collingwood line. We met Ken Green, a friend who Bill met over the Internet, for lunch Ken Green and Bill First view of the city from atop the Melbourne observation deck. - This is looking east across the Yarra River. The skyscrapers of Melbourne as we look north
Melbourne has streetcars like San Francisco, - but they call them trams there. - Note that traffic uses the left lane. Check out the paint job on this street car. - It's almost camouflaged against the building. Downtown Melbourne Birds enjoying the leftovers from someone's lunch State of Victoria Parliament House in downtown Melbourne

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