It started to rain, but then it quit before we got very wet

A natural arch carved out by the sea Sandstone cliffs and a small cave Tuesday, December 3 - A view of downtown Melbourne from the train platform near our hotel Collingwood City Hall as seen from the platform. - Collingwood is a suburb of Melbourne to the north and - our hotel was right next to the Melbourne/Collingwood line. We met Ken Green, a friend who Bill met over the Internet, for lunch
Ken Green and Bill First view of the city from atop the Melbourne observation deck. - This is looking east across the Yarra River. The skyscrapers of Melbourne as we look north Melbourne has streetcars like San Francisco, - but they call them trams there. - Note that traffic uses the left lane. Check out the paint job on this street car. - It's almost camouflaged against the building.
Downtown Melbourne Birds enjoying the leftovers from someone's lunch State of Victoria Parliament House in downtown Melbourne Modern tram and traffic flow in Melbourne Our hotel, The Laird

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