A replica of a home from that period


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Nearby is a replica of a Powhatan Native American village This is the Visitors Center for the National Historical Park. A walkway has been built above the marsh leading to the site of the original James Fort from 1607. The Tercentenary Monument built in 1907 Reconstructed 17th-century Memorial Church
This shows how the original buildings were constructed. Statue of Captain John Smith Archaeologists working to find original artifacts from 1607. - The site was located right on the shore of the James River. Friday, June 8, we visit Monticello, President Jefferson's home, near - Charlotteville, Virginia.  This is the Visitors Center and Museum. - From here you drive a couple of miles up hill to Monticello. Monticello
President Jefferson's gardens More views of the home This is the guided tour entrance to Monticello.

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