The Williamsburg Courthouse


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Randolph House Windmill for pumping water The Governor's Palace where we took a tour Visitors' entrance to the Governor's Palace Soldiers approach for a special program
A reading of the Declaration of Independence A small parade comes down Duke of Gloucester Street The fife & drum corps Thursday, June 7, we visit Jamestown, the location of the first English settlement. - There is a plaque for every state down the center of the parking lot. - This, of course, is the one for California. There are two areas: one is Jamestown Settlement and the other is - the Jamestown National Historical Park, run by the park service. - This is the Visitors Center for Jamestown Settlement.
Jamestown Settlement is a living history museum of 17th-century Virginia. - Docents offer tours and demonstrations.  Here we got an explain of canoe building. Three ships are open for tours. A replica of a home from that period Nearby is a replica of a Powhatan Native American village

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