Saturday, May 26, the group heads off to visit the CN Tower.


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We'll be visiting both levels of the tower! The views from the first level... 114 floors above the ground... looking west along Lake Ontario. Toronto’s Business District – mostly bank towers The view looking down through the glass floor!  Yikes! Bill lays on the glass floor
We head for the Sky Pod level, 147 stories up! The view from 147 floors above the ground! It's really a long way down! Toronto's Municipal Downtown Airport is seen below the tower. Look closely; you can see the south shore of Lake Ontario.
The elevator down drops us off in the gift shop... of course! We take the subway to go back to our hotel. A street car seen near our hotel. Saturday evening the group gets together for dinner at the Red Lion before going our separate ways. - Clockwise around the table: Ed, Gaylord, John, Larry, Norman, - empty seat for Larry taking the pic, Bill, Iain, Andre, Keith and Tom

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