Some high peaks of the Canadian Rockies in eastern British Columbia.


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First sight of the impressive Mount Robson, the highest of the Canadian Rockies. A closer view of Mount Robson Passing between Highway 16 and Moose Lake east of Red Pass, BC. There's a little snow as we go over Yellowhead Pass. We arrive in Jasper, Alberta.  We have a good half hour to get out and stretch our legs. - Note the Spiderman 2 ad on the side of the second engine of our train.
A view of our train at the station in Jasper. Some of our group, l-r: Ed, Tom, Iain, Tom, Eric, Bill and Larry Now waiting for the 'All Aboard' call, Norman, Bill, John and Gaylord We're heading back to the train. Most of the mountain tops remained covered in clouds as we traveled through the Rockies
We sure enjoyed some beautiful scenery! This is our final mountain view as we leave the Rockies. Here you see a good view of our entire train as we head out onto the prairie.  -  Our train has three engines and 22 cars, including four dome cars.

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