These flowers and palm trees were found near the entrance to Stanley Park near Denman Avenue.


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A full sized tree is growing on the rooftop patio of an apartment building. We took a ride on Vancouver's Sky Train.  We made a stop to go to VIA Rail to check on tickets and reservations. Inside view of the Sky Train Bridge view from the Sky Train
Sky Train bridge crossing the Fraser River from New Westminster to Surrey. This is the first we see of our VIA Rail train, the last car, called the Park Car. The section on the left is the front half of our train which will connect to the section on the right. We meet the group we'll be traveling with on the train. Back l to r: Keith, Iain, Norman, Larry, Ed, - Tom, Bill and Gaylord. Front: Eric, Tom, Andre and John.  (Yes, we have two Larrys and two Toms.) May 22, 5:32 pm, The Canadian, VIA Rail train number 2 - for Toronto, pulls out of the station in Vancouver.
Iain joins us in the Park Car. This is our room for the trip-Room A, Car 222. First call for dinner.  Andriana was the friendly maitre d'. Waiting for the first course We're having dinner with Eric and Larry.  The food was delicious!

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