Monday, April 15, we leave Needles and cross the Mojave Desert on I-40.

If you look closely you can see mountains in the distance, but the gusty - wind is blowing up clouds of dust giving us poor visibility. You can see the dust clouds in the distance. We are back on old Route 66 in Barstow, California. Approaching the Tehachapi Mountains on CA Route 58 as we pass by the city of Mojave.
We have come over the Tehachapi Mountains and are now - traveling north on CA Route 99 north of Bakersfield. Tuesday, April 16, we are heading west on CA Route 152 - across the Central Valley after spending the night in Fresno. We've got strong gusty winds blowing from the north.  Here you can see the winds blowing the tall trees. We see lots of wildflowers growing along the highway.  - Here's a large patch of mustard flowers.

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