Steffen Bretzke's Annual Visit

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Now we are at Muir Woods National Monument in Marin County.
We had a picnic lunch outside the park before entering.


Larry and Bill stand at the entrance to Muir Woods.

This shows the growth of this 1021 year old redwood tree using dates in history.  It starts when the
tree was born in 909 AD.  Highlighted rings show 1100 - Building of Cliff Dwellings at Mesa Verde,
1325 - Aztecs build in Mexico, 1492 - Columbus sails to America, 1776 - Signing of the Declaration
of Independence, 1849 - California Gold Rush, 1908 - the year that Muir Woods was established,
and ending in 1930 when the tree fell.  Many of the trees at Muir Woods are over 2000 years old!

It's difficult to get all of one tree into a photo.

Bill and Steffen sit on an old fallen tree along the path.

There are thousands of trees at the Monument.

Steffen and Bill

Larry sitting at the third bridge over the creek

Bill at the bridge

Chippy, a local inhabitant of the park.

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