Around Our Home and San Francisco

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We had unusually warm weather in October and it confused many
of the plants and trees.  Here are the blooms seen on the plum
trees at the end of October.  We normally see them in February.

Our crop of tangerines from our dwarf tangerine tree

Breakfast with Ken Gourley at the Cove On Castro restaurant, October 29.

We attended a KGO-TV retirees breakfast at Buena Vista Cafe on November 6.
L to R front: Larry, Bill, Hughy Waugh, Miguel Parra and Joel Centman; around the
table in back: Jim Harger, Rob Fox, Scott Lawler, Jimmy Nikides and Joey Smith.

Bill's 68th Birthday, November 22nd

The cake has been turned toward Bill. No, he's not 86!

Partridge berries from New Hampshire - they last all year in these bowls

We rearranged some of the furniture in our living room.
Here are two views from late November.

The bamboo tree was moved into the dining room next to the ficus tree.

Finally, Christmas comes to Noe Valley

Our Christmas photos can be viewed in our Christmas Album.

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