Trip To Palm Springs, California

January 2 - 9, 2013

Part 4 of 6

Larry's birthday continued with a nice lunch... with pie, of course, delicious apricot.
We then spent some time in downtown Palm Springs, took a rest, and then we
headed over to a dinner at Jim and Dick's home with close to 200 others.

We didn't get any pictures at the dinner.

On Sunday we met friends for lunch, a different Jim and Dick, along with Rick and Larry.
We then took a drive with Rick and Larry through the Coachella Valley, east of
Palm Springs, along roads named after movie stars like Gene Autry, Bob Hope,
Frank Sinatra and Dinah Shore.  Here we are at a huge shopping mall in Palm Desert.

A woman walking by offered to take a picture of the four of us:
Larry, Larry, Rick and Bill

Courtyard and garden in the mall

We passed by a flock of pink flamingos that weren't plastic and weren't on a lawn.

There's a lake at the Marriott Hotel that extends into the hotel lobby.  A boat comes to the
dock to pick up and drop off passengers going to the many restaurants around the lake.

Sliding doors permit the boat to enter and leave the hotel.

A rainstorm approached the valley, but this is the closest it got, and we got no rain.

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