This mural on the Ely phone company building has become historical itself.
Remember Telstar? Remember the Bell System?

We saw some interpretive information in an Ely park. Saturday, June 22, 2013 -  - Ely had an old steam engine to pull a tourist train.  We did not ride the train. - There's this matter of a highway we wanted to follow.
Heading north out of Ely on U.S. 93. The Lincoln Highway will follow this highway - until it gets to the town of Schellbourne, where it will turn east into the desert on a gravel road. Now we are at an interpretive park at the ''wide spot in the road'' known as Schellbourne. - (Don't try to read the small print. It's larger on the next pages.)
Look what Bill spotted!  It is not along the Lincoln Highway. - The Lincoln Highway is that gravel road heading off to the mountains behind it. There goes the Lincoln Highway, headed east.  It will go through a nuclear testing range. - We won't go that way. We're getting enough radiation from the sun out here. - Instead, we will head north to Wendover and follow I-80 to Salt Lake City. What is wrong with this picture? -  - The artist very much worked a sensation of wind into his work, but Bill's beard - reveals the truth. The wind is actually blowing in the other direction. - In the next few days watch Bill's beard to see how extremely windy the plains can be.

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