U.S. 50 winds over a mountain pass and then goes straight across the next valley. We passed more than a dozen old cars with Idaho and Montana plates. - One of the drivers said they were all in an old car club - and were headed for some event for owners of old cars. - They weren't specifically driving their old cars on the - Lincoln Highway because it is an old highway. - Later in the trip we will meet others with old cars who were.
Eureka!  (That's the name of this town.)
In Eureka we began a game of seeing who could spot the most Lincoln Highway monuments. - Bill thought of this game because in Eureka he had first spotted most of them! The Eureka County Courthouse.  Note the date on it.  Much of Nevada had - its development during the mining booms in the late 1800s, and towns, - although small, are by western standards very old. This is the town's Christmas Tree.  We kid you not.  It was labeled as such. - Well, there really aren't many pine trees around those parts, you know.

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