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Thursday, June 20, 2013

Before starting our trip along the Lincoln Highway
we went out to the beach to pick up a pebble in the surf.
We will toss it into the Atlantic when we get there.

Now we're on the road, on a two mile drive. - We're off to the the starting point of the Lincoln Highway! The Lincoln Highway starts in Lincoln Park. - We don't know if the park was named for the highway. - The Legion of Honor is an art museum in the park. View from the front of the Legion of Honor art museum, looking east. - Off to the right of the picture is the monument marking - the start of the Lincoln Highway. This monument is a replica of monuments erected along the highway's entire - length by Boy Scouts in 1928.  They are often called ''1928'' monuments in - Lincoln Highway guides. They have a penny-like face of President Lincoln - above the Lincoln Highway logo which is a red band over an ''L'' and a - blue band below it.  This monument has a notation that it is at the terminus, - and it does not have directional arrows on the sides,  which all - other 1928 monuments along the highway have. Note Sutro Tower to the southeast.  It transmits most San Francisco TV signals. - It is located on a hill about 900 feet above sea level and is about 900 feet tall. - It is located in the center of the city. We live 3/4 of a mile east of it.
This monument is located on the south side of California Street just east of - 14th Avenue.  It is the only Lincoln Highway marking besides the terminus - monument that we could find in San Francisco.  This monument marked the - highway's route when it headed for the Hyde Street Ferry to the East Bay, - which no longer exists.  This monument is likely an original 1928 one rather - than a replica because it is not in front of a chamber of commerce, a - government building, a park, or a museum.  It sits neglected in an - obscure location next to a run of the mill bus stop. Ninety-nine percent - of the people who see it every day probably have no idea what it is. About to cross the Bay Bridge.  No Hyde Street Ferry nowadays.
A tree in beautiful full bloom that we saw in the East Bay. East of Livermore we take the old road over Altamont Pass. - We now feel like we are really on the Lincoln Highway! Many different versions of this sign are used to mark the Lincoln Highway. - In some states they are plentiful; in other states they are few and far between. A rail line, as well as I-580, share the pass with us, - and occasionally they can be seen.

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