A tall condominium building stands among the smaller homes.
That's a neat view with the tall pine tree shown next to it.

Back on the Waikiki side of the canal at the west end of Kuhio Street. Sunday evening we went to a luau.  This is Gerald, - our host, who kept us amused on the bus ride to the luau site. The beach and lighthouse at the Germain Luau site. The guys are preparing to remove the cooked pig from the in-ground cooker. The cooked pork we'll soon be eating at the luau buffet. Prior to dinner they put on a show of Hawaiian dancing for us.
Women doing the hula. After the buffet (which was delicious!) the show continued - with women from the audience on stage learning to do the hula. We then had a nice show of Hawaiian and Polynesian songs and dances. Monday, April 20 -- we took 'The Bus', Honolulu's city bus system, - out to Sea Life Park on the windward (east) side of Oahu. We had read that there was a real nice hike to Makapuu Point Lighthouse located near Sea Life Park. - Here you can see the lighthouse on the hill from the parking lot of Sea Life Park. We walked to beautiful Makapuu Beach, located on the other side of the highway from Sea Life Park.

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