Looking down the circular stairway.

The view from the top of the steps as we descend the crater.
We begin our drive around the island of Oahu in a counter-clockwise direction. - The southeast part of the island has lots of lava rock. We saw another blow hole, like the one we saw on Kauai. Views seen as we travel north along the eastern side of the island. On the west side of the island we came across a beautiful rainbow.
April 5 - Today we took the bus into downtown Honolulu. - We now approach Aloha Tower, once the tallest building in Hawaii. -  It's at the docks where ships used to arrive from the mainland - back before people flew in and arrived at the airport.. Bill thinks that the roots might make a nice beard. Look at the size of that tree! Peek-a-boo! Taking a rest by Military Beach - on our last afternoon in Hawaii

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