The swimming hole and waterfall. The locals were jumping off the cliff
and then swimming over to the ladder you can see there, to climb back out.

Opaekaa Falls near Hanamaulu Wailua Falls near the Fern Grotto April 1 - Today we drove to Waimea Canyon, the Grand Canyon of the Pacific. More wild chickens with lots of baby chicks in one of the parking lots. Check out the beautiful feathers on this rooster.
You'll note that it was a little breezy. April 3 - Now on Oahu, a view of Diamond Head from the west end of Waikiki
Walking through a line of surf boards to the beach. The famous 'Pink Palace', the Royal Hawaiian Hotel, as seen from Kuhio Beach Park Waterfall at Kuhio Beach Park April 4 - We start our trip around Oahu with a hike at Diamond Head. - The map shows the trail up the crater wall. - To climb the crater you drive through a tunnel to a parking lot inside of it. - The trail then ascends to the rim inside of the crater. We certainly weren't alone on the trail.

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