The view of the Grand Canal from the Rialto Bridge

Wandering through the narrow streets of Venice Another one of the small canals.  You can see a couple of the famous gondolas on the left. One of the main streets leading to Piazza San Marco -- Saint Mark's Square Saint Mark's Basilica -- Venice's famous cathedral on Saint Mark's Square Take a close look at the beautiful detail atop Saint Mark's
The Campanile -- the dramatic bell tower on Saint Mark's Square Close up of the top of the Campanile Torre dell'orologio -- the clock tower built in 1496 The Moors, the bronze men atop the clock tower, - swing their clappers to strike the bell at the top of each hour. There are more pigeons than tourists in Saint Mark's Square.
The pigeons are tame and allow the - tourists to feed and handle them. A wide shot of Saint Mark's Square showing the clock tower with the Basilica on the right. The public transit system is a fleet of small boats called Vaporetti that travel up - and down the main canals.  Here you see two of the Vaporetti on the Grand Canal. As we begin our ride on the Vaporetto boat, we see San Giorgio Maggiore - Island with a tower similar to the Campanile in Saint Mark's Square. The Customs House in the foreground with La Salute Church behind it

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