Close up of the top of the Campanile

Torre dell'orologio -- the clock tower built in 1496 The Moors, the bronze men atop the clock tower, - swing their clappers to strike the bell at the top of each hour. There are more pigeons than tourists in Saint Mark's Square. The pigeons are tame and allow the - tourists to feed and handle them. A wide shot of Saint Mark's Square showing the clock tower with the Basilica on the right.
The public transit system is a fleet of small boats called Vaporetti that travel up - and down the main canals.  Here you see two of the Vaporetti on the Grand Canal. As we begin our ride on the Vaporetto boat, we see San Giorgio Maggiore - Island with a tower similar to the Campanile in Saint Mark's Square. The Customs House in the foreground with La Salute Church behind it One of the many grand palaces seen along the Grand Canal Gondolas on the left, a Vaporetto on the right, with the Rialto Bridge in the distance.
Approaching the Rialto Bridge We pass a gondola as we cruise up the Grand Canal. A couple of the more than 400 gondolas with a private - gondolier you can rent for a romantic and relaxing ride. Now, we're in Milan! - Milan's Duomo -- a cathedral and museum, covered by scaffolding. - This is the fourth largest church in Europe. Close up of the beautiful spires of the Duomo

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