Standing in the courtyard of the Uffizi Gallery looking north with
the castle turret of the Palazzo Vecchio seen in the distance.

The top of the Palazzo Vecchio and its distinctive castle turret The Duomo -- Santa Maria del Fiori Cathedral and it's famous dome Giotto's Tower -- the 270 foot tall - Duomo Bell Tower and Campanile Another view of the Duomo and it's neo-Gothic facade and dome The front of the Duomo -- this cathedral - has the third largest nave of Christiandom.
Lorenzo Ghiberti's bronze doors on the Baptistery facing the Duomo Inside the cathedral looking toward the altar The rear of the cathedral has a huge distinctive clock The next morning we're back at Piazza della Repubblica, where we checked out - the merry-go-round earlier.  Many large department stores and restaurants are - located on the square.  It is the site of the original Roman Forum of Florence. The Pont Vecchio -- Florence's famous two story bridge across the Arno River. - The lower level is lined with businesses.  The upper level was used as the -
A closer look at the Pont Vecchio.  Note the little motorcycle models on - the wall next to Bill.  They were on sale at the booth he was standing near. There was lots of foot and bicycle traffic on the bridge. Looking east up the Arno River.  The Uffizi Gallery is on the left. Our next destination -- Venice! - San Simeone Piccolo Church -- atop the dome Saint Simon - waves The Scalzi Bridge across the Grand Canal. - That's Bill up there in the blue jacket.

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