Our next destination -- Venice!
San Simeone Piccolo Church -- atop the dome Saint Simon
waves "ciao" to all who enter and leave the city

The Scalzi Bridge across the Grand Canal. - That's Bill up there in the blue jacket. Sestier de San Polo -- a nineteenth century church - that also has a museum of Venetian works. The museum entrance and bell tower One of many small Venetian canals that run throughout the city. We stopped for drinks as we passed through the Venice fish and produce market.
A view of the huge Rialto Bridge from the market The view of the Grand Canal from the Rialto Bridge Wandering through the narrow streets of Venice Another one of the small canals.  You can see a couple of the famous gondolas on the left. One of the main streets leading to Piazza San Marco -- Saint Mark's Square
Saint Mark's Basilica -- Venice's famous cathedral on Saint Mark's Square Take a close look at the beautiful detail atop Saint Mark's The Campanile -- the dramatic bell tower on Saint Mark's Square Close up of the top of the Campanile Torre dell'orologio -- the clock tower built in 1496

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