Our next stop was at the KSTP transmitter site in St. Paul.
Bill worked here as a transmitter engineer for the summer in 1966.
You can see the KSTP-FM tower behind the building.
Bill said the building and site had not changed a bit in 40 years.

Friday, June 17 - The Minnesota State Capitol Building in St. Paul. A view of the St. Paul skyline with the Mississippi River flowing by. Saturday, June 18 - Bill found another friend wearing a bandanna in Mitchell, South Dakota. The highly-touted Mitchell Corn Palace -- inside is a gymnasium and exhibition - areas; the outside of the building is covered in designs made of corn. A wide view of the Corn Palace
A closeup view of one of the designs made of corn. The side of the marquee Look at how tall the grass is! It was fun to watch the waves of the wind in the grass. We drove through Badlands National Park making stops at the vista points.
Some of the formations were quite amazing... and you could see forever. After leaving the Badlands we stopped at the extremely well-touted - Wall Drug Store in Wall, South Dakota. After a snack in the Wall Drug cafe, Bill found a friend in the back yard picnic area.

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