To kiss or view the Blarney Stone you have to lay on your back and
tilt backward as done here by Evelynn, the woman in the turquoise skirt.

A man holds you while you tilt backward Neither Bill or Larry kissed or viewed the stone. We begin our decent Roy and Lyn are on the level below us A nice view through one of the castle 'windows'
Back on the ground we find part of our Australian friends assembled: - l to r Rod and Evelynn, Lyn, Jim, Stephanie, Elaine, Roy and Bill behind him Bill checks out all of the coins that have been tossed into the pond. Beautiful roses near the Visitor's Center Pretty hanging baskets of flowers At the entrance to the gift shop we find (l to r) Stephanie, Jim, Allan (coming out the door), Bill, Maureen and Denyse
Ahh... remember 'The Dear Little Shamrock'?  We sang it for the last time today. A railroad bridge near Cork Cork harbor Another view of Cork harbor A residential street in Cork

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