A bronze statue of King Puck in Killorglin. Every year on August 10 a group goes up into
the mountains and catches a wild goat. This starts the King Puck Fair and the queen of the
fair, chosen from the local schools, crowns the goat "King Puck". The goat is then put into
a small cage on a high stand in the middle of the town. There is singing and dancing, but
mainly drinking, for three days, and then the goat is released and the fair ends. Puck Fair
is the oldest traditional fair in Ireland, and one of the oldest non-religious fairs in the world.

This is a ruin of a former castle. We begin a 100 mile panoramic drive around the Ring of Kerry - on Ireland's southwest coast.  Note the ridges in the hillside here. We're traveling the Ring in a counter-clockwise direction from Killorglin to Killarney. In Carhen, near Cahersiveen, we see the place where Daniel O'Connell was born, although - there is no longer anything there except a park.  O'Connell was an Irish political leader - in the first half of the 19th century. He campaigned for Catholic Emancipation,  the right - for Catholics to sit in the Westminster Parliament, which was denied for over 100 years.
A flower display for the town of Cahersiveen We spotted this building on the coast flying the Irish, European Union - and United States flags, but we don't know what organization is there. This is the view from the restaurant where we had lunch near Ardkearagh. Bill outside in the restaurant parking lot
Our drive on the Ring of Kerry continues through beautiful countryside The mountain range is known as Macgillicuddy's Reeks

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