Countdown clock to the Olympics in London in 2012

The National Gallery Check out who's in the crowd.  We didn't notice them when we were there. Bill stands next an actual living picture near the National Gallery. - Those are all live plants that were used to design the picture. It started to rain, so we ducked in here for lunch.  This is a chain seen - all over the UK and they make great salads, soups and sandwiches. The gate to the road leading to Buckingham Palace
The road to Buckingham Palace, which is closed to traffic on Sundays. One of the Horse Guards on duty This is the street that the Prime Minister lives on at 10 Downing Street. There is a gate and guards at the entrance to the street now.  There didn't used to be. We're back to the corner of Parliament and Bridge Streets at Parliament Square.
Looking north up the Thames from the Westminster Bridge Looking south down the Thames from the same location A building just east of our hotel -- is it a church, a school or ? ? ? We met our friend Jeremy Gyer, who used to live in San Francisco, - for dinner. Here he is with Bill by the Westminster Bridge steps. Jeremy and Larry

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