Walks Along San Francisco Bay

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May 4, 2015

Bill began his walk this morning around 10:00 AM in Fremont.
Soon he came upon this building. It is one of the buildings
of the company whose servers hold our web sites.

This pattern of roots run amok was seen around 10:30.
Note that the roots are also pushing up underneath
the asphalt of the adjoining roadway.

About 3/4 way across the photo on the horizon a line
of broadcast antennas are silhouetted against the sky.

This appears to be a new BART station, probably
the one to be called the Warm Springs station.
Bill walked by here just before noon.

Fremont Boulevard at about 1:15 PM, lined with palm trees.

The road made a bend here, and a small monument labeled
"Irvington" was off to the left at this bend. Later
research found that Fremont had been formed from
five older towns, one of which was called "Irvington".

This curious "Irvington" contraption was spotted at about 2:15 PM.
Earlier one just like it had been seen south of this area,
facing traffic approaching from the other direction.

A new town! Bill walked by here at about 5:20 PM.

Alameda Creek. Well, there probably was a creek here once.
Looking north from the Decoto Road bridge, at the Union City line.

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