Face Blind!

Appendix C

Links to Other Face Blind People

Follow these links to others who have written about their face blindness (prosopagnosia):


  1. If you just came in to "Face Blind!" here, you will want to start instead with Chapter 1, the Introduction.
  2. Maintenance of this list was discontinued in early 2009. In recent years quite a few others, perhaps dozens, have written on line about their face blindness. By using a search engine or links you find on others' pages, you may find writings by others than those listed above.

"Face Blind!" - Table of Contents

Chapter 1Introduction
Chapter 2Discovering Face Blindness
Chapter 3Physical Causes of Face Blindness
Chapter 4The Importance of Recognizing Others
Chapter 5How Most People Recognize Others
Chapter 6Ways To Recognize Others Without Using the Face
Chapter 7How Non-Face Recognition Methods Work in Practice
Chapter 8A...Bill: How I Tell People Apart
Chapter 8B...Pertti: Recognition System - The Essence Model
Chapter 9Effect of Face Blindness on Emotions
Chapter 10Effect of Face Blindness on Sexuality
Chapter 11Effect of Face Blindness on Your Social Groups
Chapter 12Understanding Why People Choose To Look Alike
Chapter 13Ways To Improve Our Lives


Appendix AHow To Find Medical Articles on Face Blindness
Appendix BGetting Diagnosed (Tested) for Face Blindness
Appendix CLinks to Other Face Blind People - YOU ARE HERE
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