Following Bill's death on May 17, 2016, I received many beautiful photos of Bill from his friends, and many others were posted on Facebook. I have put together a gallery of those photos.  I hope you enjoy looking back at some of the happier times in Bill's past.  Larry

Bill with Larry and Larry's motorcycle, Peppermint, from many years ago in the mid-90's.

Vacation trip to Long Beach for Gay Pride Celebration

Friends John and John from Michigan near the Golden Gate Bridge - 2002

Visiting John and John in Michigan - 2004

Visiting John, JBoots, in Ohio - 2005

Ready for a walk through Muir Woods

Bootmen's Brunch - Folsom Street Fair weekend, 2008

Bill at the Poppy Preserve in Lancaster, CA, 2009

Dore Alley Weekend BLUF Dinner, 2011

Joe Miller joins us for lunch at the Cove while on a business trip to San Franciso

Dore Alley Fair weekend BLUF dinner - 2012

Bill with Mark Roman - 2012

BLUF Dinner, Dore Alley Weekend - 2013

Lunch with Ian from Vancouver, BC - 2013

Bill and Larry at the Conservatory of Flowers in Golden Gate Park - 2014

Weekend barbecue at Steve Ng's home in Alameda - 2014

Bill and Larry - Anniversary dinner at Duarte's in Pescadero, CA - October 20, 2014

Bill, Larry, Moi and Chris, Twin Peaks, Christmas 2014

Bill walking through the neighborhood - 2015

Larry and Bill at Moi and Chris's wedding - 2015