View of us down the staircase.
Note the man next to Louis, since we will mention him again next.

While we were waiting for Steven, this tourist from China - who spoke no English appeared, camera in hand. - At first we thought he wanted to take a picture of the two of us, - but it turned out he wanted a photo of himself with Bill! - There must not be many men with big beards in China. View of the Rotunda ceiling. Looking straight up in the Rotunda. Steve, Larry, Bill, and Rick. Steven has arrived and our ceremony is underway!
The ceremony Steven conducted was beautiful.  It was very touching. We state our 'I do's'. Happy indeed! Another wedding party at the top of the stair will be married after we are. We get out our rings.
Bill has a ring for Larry. With this ring I thee wed. Larry puts a ring on Bill's hand. With this ring I thee wed, also. Hey, this is for real!

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