Larry, at the City Hall entrance.

About to enter the County Clerk's office. At the entrance to the County Clerk's office. Two happy guys soon to be single no more! Steve Marthouse, Larry, Louis Chiofalo, Norman Cuccio, and Bill. - Photo was taken by Rick Gray, the sixth member of our wedding party. Submitting our license application.
The Marriage Certificate to later be filled out. Awaiting our wedding, scheduled shortly after one o'clock. Time to check in for the ceremony! Our papers are ready! Steve, Larry, Bill, Louis, and Norman.
We sit down with the judge for our pre-ceremony interview. This judge was great!  He had the ceremony ritual down pat, - and it was beautiful.  His name was Steven. Louis and Norman sign as our witnesses on the left. - Rick photographs us on the right. We go to the Rotunda where we will be married. - Steven will come to marry us after he checks in some other couples. - Our City Hall is a very popular place for weddings, and they go on all day. - This makes this a very festive location for a civil wedding. You may recognize this place.  We are standing - where many politicians have made their speeches, - and this is the place we will be wed.

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