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San Francisco Bay Area
(within 100 miles of San Francisco)
Listed by Re-Pack Channel

The only analog stations remaining are low power and translator stations.  They are not listed here.

See "Notes" below for an explanation of the header information.

Channel # = 0 = Station has chosen to end broadcasting and will soon be going off the air.
Channel # = ? = Future channel assignment not known for this low power station.   This information will be updated when available.


ProgrammingCity of
and Notes
2245KFTYBetter Life TVMiddletownMt. St. Helena32946 L -
2245KQROBetter Life TVMorgan HillMt. Chual32438 L -
3333KCSOTelemundoSacramentoWalnut Grove31673 H - L
333K03ICBetter Life TVSan FranciscoMt. Tamalpais32178 - L -
4412KTVJBetter Life TVSan RafaelMt. Tamalpais32178 L -
52322KRCBPBSCotatiSonoma Mtn.2992068 H
666K06QMBetter Life TVHealdsburgSonoma Mt.0.3338 L -
7384KRONMyNetworkTVSan FranciscoSutro Tower10001679 H -
888KSBWNBCSalinasFremont Peak20.62493 H -
8852KDTSDaystarSan FranciscoMt. Diablo0.222835 L - H -
996KVIEPBSSacramentoWalnut Grove331958 H - M -
101010KXTVABCSacramentoWalnut Grove28.62008 H - T -
111335KCBAFOXSalinasFremont Peak19.752362 H
1277KGOABCSan FranciscoSutro Tower23.81703 H - T -
131211KNTVNBCSan JoseMt. San Bruno103.11236 H - M -
142323KEZTUnivisionSacramentoDowntown Sacto4.5279 H - L
144165KKPXIonSan JoseMt. San Bruno10001371 H - M
151523KBSVArmenianCeresMt. Oso.4211788 
151515K15CUCozi TVSalinasFremont Peak5.742267 L
181819KUVSUnivisionModestoS of San Andreas5001821 H
193115KMUMTelemundoSacramentoNW of Rio Linda15410 H - L
194948KSTSTelemundoSan JoseMt. Allison2572257 H - M
202027K20JX3ABNSacramentoSW of Lincoln4.7259 L
205114KDTVUnivisionSan FranciscoMt. Allison4762300 H -
212828KFTLCreation TVSan FranciscoMt. San Bruno151243 L
212828KDTVUnivisionSanta RosaN of Calistoga3.72697 L
224829KSPXIonSacramentoWalnut Grove10001604 H
22421KAXTWhat's OnSan Francisco-San JoseMt. Allison151916 L - V -
234658KQCAMyNetTVStocktonWalnut Grove6001903 H
242131KMAXCWSacramentoWalnut Grove5451988 H
252513KOVRCBSStocktonWalnut Grove10002021 H -
252525KQETPBS-HDWatsonvilleFremont Peak81.12292 H
262627KUKRBetter Life TVSanta RosaNE of Santa Rosa2879 L -
262664KTFKUniMasStocktonWalnut Grove8501952 H
27278KBTVCrossingsSacramentoDowntown Sac'to15285 L - T
274360KCSMEducationalSan MateoSutro Tower5001678 H
283939KMMD3ABN-LatinoSalinasMt. Toro152418 L
282828KKPMBetter Life TVChicoSutter Butttes152142 L -
284544KBCWCWSan FranciscoSutro Tower10001611 H
29295KPIXCBSSan FranciscoSutro Tower10001679 H - T -
30309KQEDPBS-HDSan FranciscoSutro Tower10001679 H -
31442KTVUFOXOaklandSutro Tower10001680 H - M -
323246KIONCBSMontereyMt. Toro462487 H
323938KCNSSBNSan FranciscoSutro Tower10001679 H
334040KTXLFOXSacramentoWalnut Grove10001972 H
333333KDJTUnivisionSalinas-MontereyFremont Peak8.972431 L
343466KFSFUniMasVallejoSutro Tower3701634 H
35353KCRANBCSacramentoWalnut Grove10001900 H - M -
35357KGOABCSan JoseMt. Allison12.11959 H - L - T -
363636KICUIndependentSan JoseMonument Pk7402251 H - M

ProgrammingCity of
and Notes
01442KTNCOff AirConcordMt. Diablo403156 H - Share KCNS
01920KOFYIndependentSan FranciscoSutro Tower5681601 H
02027KEXTOff AirModestoMt. Allison3.61916 L - S
02726KTSFIndependentSan FranciscoMt. San Bruno8581323 
03167KSMSUnivisionMontereyFremont Peak10002299 
03250KEMOAztecaSanta RosaMt. St. Helena503051 H - T
03250KEMOAztecaSanta RosaSutro Tower2001549 H - T
03332KMTPNews-ArtsSan FranciscoSutro Tower4801696 
04768KTLNTLNNovatoBurdell Mtn.10001319 
05054KQEHKQEH-SD-PBSSan JoseMonument Pk3102172 

?438K04QRShoppingEspartoSE of Folsom0.3482 L
?711K07ZK?MontereySE of Monterey0.1105 L
?1919KMBYMundoFOXTempletonMt. Toro15687 L
?2020KSCZOff the airGreenfieldFremont Peak.72165 L
?2222KLFB3ABNSalinasMt. Toro3.492651 L
?2727KYMBME-TVMontereySE of Monterey8.41290 L
?2828KMMWTelemundoStocktonS of San Andreas151831 H - L
?3434KACADaystarModestoW of Ripon10440 L - H
?3838K38JPTED TalksSalinasMt. Toro152254 H - L
?4040KMMC3ABN-LatinoSan FranciscoMt. San Bruno141283 L
?4251KMSXReligionSacramentoW of N. Highlands15449 L
?4543KAHCLAFFSacramentoDowntown15130 T
?4643K46LGAztecaMontereyFremont Peak152247 L
?4747KFMSAltavisionKeyesDowntown Sac'to15? L
?482KTVUFOXSan JoseMonument Pk3.52100 H - L -
?4949KSAOMundoMXSacramentoSE of Folsom10.3344 L
?4949KZHDNorth Bay TVSanta RosaNE of Santa Rosa1341 H - L


"Transmitter Channel" is the channel number the station actually transmits on.

"Virtual Channel" is the channel to which the signal is aliased.  A signal transmitted by the station causes this number to be used on viewers' sets.  Stations are required by the FCC to use their former analog channel number as their Virtual Channel since viewers are familiar with that numbering system and station identification.  The virtual channel is marked with a question mark for those stations not yet on the air.  See the Virtual Channel Listing for a station list by virtual channel number.

"Repack Channel" is the channel number that the station will transmit on after the reassignment of the channel numbers following the frequency auction.

Several sub-channels (programs) can be transmitted on each digital television channel. To distinguish a station's sub-channels, decimals or dashes are added after the channel number - for example 7.1, 7.2 and 7.3, or 7-1, 7-2 and 7-3. Most tuners will not show any digital signals at all until you've had the tuner do a "scan", and if a station has made changes in its lineup, these tuners will not show those changes until you scan again.

Most tuners only show stations on their virtual channels, but some tuners show stations on their actual transmitted channels as well. A few tuners show stations only on their transmitted channels. This is why we show both channels in our list. (Note, too, that knowing transmitted channels is important when you select antennas, coax, and preamplifiers, since virtual channels are meaningless when you design your antenna and signal distribution systems.)

All tuners will show all of a station's sub-channels if you receive the station well enough to receive any one of its sub-channels, but on the transmitted channel, some tuners may not show sub-channels on the same sub-channel numbers (such as .1, .2, or .3) that appear on the virtual channel and which appear in our list. Some stations do not begin their sub-channels with .1 on their transmitted channel, so you may find nothing on .1 or .2 and find sub-channels on .3 and above. Therefore, if you are watching a transmitter channel, and the sub-channels don't match our list, tune through all of the sub-channels to find the program you want.

The television band now only consists of channels 2 through 51. The frequencies above channel 51 have been auctioned off for public service, cell phone and other services.
Channels 2 through 13 are VHF.
Channels 14 through 51 are UHF.
When the repack is complete in 2020, the television band will consist of only channels 2 through 36.

VHF signals propagate more readily than UHF signals, so VHF stations need to transmit with less power to cover the same area.

The actual frequencies of the various channels can be seen on the CSG Network Television Frequency Table.

Clicking on the call letters of a station in the list above will take you to that station's records on the Federal Communications Commission site.

ERP = Effective Radiated Power
HAAT = Height Above Average Terrain
H - Transmits in High Definition (HDTV)
L - Low Power or Translator Station
M - Transmits mobile DTV, or will be soon
N - Not Yet On The Air
S - Secondary Transmitter - Distributed Transmission System
T - See notes below for special information for this station
V - KAXT has FCC okay to use channel 1 for its virtual channel
Major San Francisco sites are in red.
Major Sacramento site is in green.

Data on this page was compiled by:
   Larry Kenney, WB9LOZ, Retired engineer, KGO/ABC

There are very active HDTV forums on line for the Bay Area and the nation.
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These charts will be updated as required.
Last updated on August 25, 2017.

Accuracy is not guaranteed but is correct to the best of our knowledge.

Larry Kenney
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