A close-up of the previous photo.
front: Jim, Larry, Dick; rear: Larry, Michael, Rick, Bill

Jim Gilliland outside his home in the desert in Morongo Valley The view of Mt. San Jacinto from Jim's home. - That's Dick's home in the distance on the right. Dick with his truck The look of the 'old west', as seen on TV cowboy shows and movies. - Look out for the bad guys!  We're on our way to Pioneertown. On the main street of Pioneertown - l to r: Dick, Bill, Rick, Michael, Larry
Another view of the street of Pioneertown - Many old cowboy TV shows were filmed here Someone's art project made from about everything imaginable The main drag in Pioneertown was spelled this way - in reference to its primary use by horses. - The plant behind the sign is a joshua tree. Bill jokes about 'mane' being slang for 'long hair'. Another view of the buildings on Mane Street
Another view of the buildings Rich Filia is putting up a tower at his home in Yucca Valley. - It's now at 60 feet, but it's going up to 80 feet. Double Blake UHF TV antennas, good for - 100 mile reception. Rich sells them. Beautiful cactus garden in Rich's yard May 3 - Rick and Bill in a palm oasis in the desert.

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