Bill next to our Camry rental car. The steering wheel
was on the right and we drove on the left like in Australia.

Check out the variety of color in these lupine Larry among the lupine... can you spot him? Close up shot of the beautiful lupine. - They're considered weeds by the natives. Another view of the lupine as the clouds darken ahead of us Lake Tekapo with the snow covered mountains to the northwest
Another view of Lake Tekapo Larry is checking out a wild rose bush - with Lake Tekapo behind him Larry with the wild roses Bill next to the wild roses by Lake Tekapo Storm clouds brew over the mountains
We approach the mountains enroute to - Mount Cook, New Zealand's highest peak Rain arrived, and so did lowering clouds.  We never did see - Mount Cook. We spent the night at Mount Cook National Park. Tuesday, December 17 - After leaving Mount Cook we head south toward - Queenstown, stopping here to view more lupine. Bill and the lupine The lupine and Bill's headband match perfectly!

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