Robert, Lloyd, Larry, and Bill
at the west end of Golden Gate Park

Larry and Bill at the windmill - Golden Gate Park Lloyd, Bill, Robert, and Robbie Stewart - high above the Golden Gate Robbie, Lloyd, Robert, and Larry Lloyd, Bill, Robert, and Robbie - checking out the view Larry and Robert
Thursday evening pasta dinner. - Clockwise from this end of the table: - Jonathan Rawsthorn, Leo Egashira, - Lloyd Osborn, Robert Smith, Ken Rich, Robbie Stewart, - Mark Wnorowski, Norman Cuccio, Bill, Mel Sadler Clockwise from upper left: - Lloyd, Robert, Ken, Robbie, Mark, Norman, Bill Starting with the person closest - to you and going clockwise: Mark, Norman, - Bill, Mel, Jonathan, Leo, Lloyd, Robert Another table: Michael, John, Elliott, and Keith Thornton Ken, Robert, Norman, Jonathan, and Mark
Keith, Norman, Robert, and Bill Jonathan Rawsthorn Lloyd Osborn Mel Sadler, in front of Larry Lloyd, Robert, Larry, and Mel - About to leave for the uniform club's dinner 'Roll Call'

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